Computer glasses

These days we spend a lot in front of a computer screen. And that's just while we're at the office -we're also addicted to using our phones all day long.


Why to choose OMEG computer glasses?

All of that screen time seems to come with various ill effects, such as eye strain, headaches and sleeping disorders. To combat those conditions, can pick up a pair of computer glasses - also called blue-light blocking glasses - which can really alleviate the discomfort and help sleep better

OMEG are blue-light blocking glasses that have filters in their lenses that block/absorb blue light, and UV light, from getting through. After only a few days of wear, will notice a difference in vision, in sleep and will feel more comfortable after a long day in the office.

If use OMEG glasses when looking at a screen, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can keep awake. Our glasses will help optimise sleep by protecting eyes.

The lenses are clear and do not change the way see true colors. The glasses reduce tired eyes and blurry vision. They help protect vision and improve performance. Protect eyes from daily life and electronic products with OMEG glasses.

Why to choose our glasses?


OMEG computer glasses are high-quality and stylish computer glasses which protect eyes from harmful blue light of digital devices.


They reduce glare, increase contrast, and optimize vision while looking at digital screens for long hours.


Contains vitamin C and other natural ingredients that work overnight to help visibly reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


Our product offers a wide range protection and can improve sleep and quality of life.

Comfortable fit

OMEG glasses are very light for a comfortable fit. These elegant square frames are a beautiful fit for almost any face. It maintains our keyhole bridge, and is slightly narrower to provide a sense of steadiness and comfort.

OMEG help improve work, but not only. They help bring enjoyment of digital life and help make life better.


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